September 17, 2009

Stuff Made While Bored - 詰らない時に作った物

Plum wine made in a 16liter water jug then racked into old PET and vodka bottles. Turned out really good. Alot better than the cheap AZ wine I can get at the shop next door.

This is a wee wood table used by xanıms(women) here to make bread dough on. I found one hidden amonst all the junk in my garden. The top was cracked and dirty and no good for making bread anymore and I had been putting it ontop of the iron ring you see in the background to use as a coffee table. In a fit of boredom I decided to make it into a chess board.


Thank Allah for Sharpies.

Here Corey models the corn cob pipe that Elmer(another PCV) helped conceive.

Smoking old school with the corn cob and matches.

007 Vodka seemed the most unnatural choice for a vodka watermelon.
I ate him shaken, not stirred.

Yes, he does have a gold tooth and yes, he is smoking a cigarette.

Behind 007 you can also see some of the many new shelves I've built. This is one of the classy stone & glass brick with rough hewn oak shelves.


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