June 15, 2009

Random Pics of Me

Guesting with some local folk in a villiage outside of Tovuz, a town on the boarder with Armenia. I sat with the men folk and ate cheese & bread that had just been freshly baked by the women folk, drank vodka, and listened to one fellow play the Azerbaijani guitar, the tar. Friendly folk but if you go to this area be prepared for the first 30mn of any conversation to be about how evil the inhuman Armenians are.

Qala Alta - This a big wall/castle ontop of a small mountain on the border of Siyazan and Devechi rayons. Joined a group of Azeris, PCVs and PCV family members who came to visit; we all got in a rickety old van with a goat, travelled up to a picnic area atop the mountain, slaughtered and BBQed the goat, and spent the day chatting, eating kebab & drinking vodka. Good times.

Crazy Face - No particular reason. Just the regularly scheduled Friday nite bonfire.

Xinalug - They most remote villiage in all of Azerbaijan. They claim to have been there for 5,000years. A seperate ethnic group with there own language distinct from any other in the Caucases. Above the tree line, nestled in the mountains, economy based on sheepherding and increasing tourism.

Super Adventure Weekend - Our hosts gave us homemade headbands to decorate as we liked. Good time, great(G Rated)party game.

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Nice pictures - Enjoy your experience.