May 20, 2009

The Garden House = Bağ Evi=庭付きの家

A month ago I finally moved into my own place. It was a dump. The only furniture in the house was a couple bed frames and a table covered in peeling paint. To make matters worse it was on the edge of town far from my Host Organzation(the place where I 'officially' work). But it was a very private, had a big garden and not many neighbors.

Pretty much everything you see in these pics I found in the garden. The big wood/gas stove, the silverware & dishes, the cabinets, the bricks and boards that make the shelves, all the flat stones on the floor which cover the crumbling, water damaged particle-board floor, all found in the garden. The food, table cloth & gas range are the only housewares Ive bought. The rest of the stuff was brought with me(ie the flag/curtains), PC issued(ie the big brown monsters{sleeping bag} & fire extinguisher), or found in that garden.

This is the only finished room in my house. It has my kitchen in the pic above, turning clockwise we see the door out to the "shed" behind the flag/curtains and here we have the guest bedroom/couch. The "shed" is another, slightly larger room which is unfinished. Its floors & 2 walls are bare stone, two walls are half broken windows and the foil backing to disintegrated insulation board.

Turning clockwise again we find the wardrobe and hanging on the walls are my calender/accounting/events chart. This corner is still kinda empty. They greyness seen on the lower half of the wall is a mix of water damage, mold thats been painted over, and crappy AZy powder paint that washes of when you wipe it down with ammonia to kill the mold.

In this corner is the master bedroom with bookshelves and whatnot.

And finally another clockwise turn brings us full circle back to the kitchen. Thus ending the tour of my room.

Be it ever so humble there is no place like home. It may be a craphole but its my craphole damnit.

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ma said...

bleach or borax will do a better job on the mold if'n you can get some. just my little household tip of the day. :-)
you've done a great job of putting things together. wtg.