May 20, 2009

Robot Head=ロボット頭

Let me introduce you to "Robot Head", my new little kitten. 子猫を紹介します! これ”ロボットヘッド”って言う子猫よ。

He got his name from a bonfire game we played at my place over the weekend. One takes a cardboard box and draws a robot face on it, strategically cutting holes where the mouth, eyes, etc should be. Then you place this "Robot Head" over the fire an everyone chants "Robot head, robot head, robot head" slowly, rhythmically and with ever greater intensity and volume until its completely engulfed in the flames. Beats worshiping a boar's head and breaking Piggy's glasses. どうしてロボットヘッドって言うのか?。。。説明チョウ難しいだって英語読んで見てね。

Anyhow, they day after that particular bonfire a bunch of us went for a walk around Quba touring the sites. I split off from the group for a bit to visit a local acquaintance who said I could have one of his new kittens. The kitten was finally big enough to take from its mother but it was very unhappy to meet me. How does one make the hour long walk home carrying a kitten who is half wild?

Stick him in a closed cardboard box, with a couple strategically cut airholes and carry it all home in a xanim bag(a cool looking reusable plastic shopping sack). Cardboard box, holes, strangeness, hence "Robot Head".

He's pretty small though. Just got off mothers milk and still has his baby fat. Been feeding him a good diet of yogurt, sausage and table scraps. Problem is he's lonely and whinges alot. And when I pick him up he climbs up my chest and tries to eat my beard.....its been two weeks since my last shower, maybe Im missing some food scraps in there when I bucket bath.... ;) Hoping to get him a little friend this week. ロボットヘッドはまだスゴイ小さいだ。1月半間前だけ生まれた。母さんと兄弟で恋して泣いてる。 今週、子猫の友達を探して見る。

Here's hoping that in another month he'll be big enough to do something about the rat/mice in my ceiling whose scrabbling wake me up in the nite. 小さいけど多分二三月後,

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