May 15, 2009

Super Adventure Weekend

Recently, a pair of the volunteers in Siyazan(about 1hour south of Quba, 1hour north of Baku) arranged what they named, Super Adventure Weekend, for area PCVs. Over the weekend about 10 of us got together for a weekend of good food, ex-pat(PCV) conversation/unwinding, sports and hiking up the local holy mountain.
This mountain is called Beş Barmaq (Besh Barmag) or "Five Fingers". (top pic borrowed from Flicker, thanks & rights go to Leigh Newton)
最近、ボランチアー友達たちと一緒に{べス バルマグ}山=五つ指山に登って行った。

Its considered a holy place and has a hut at the top for praying & chanting. It takes about 2.5 hours to climb the 3km slop up from the rest-stop by the new highway, up the slope, and then up the 700 or so stairs that take you up and around the rock face ascending to the holy-hut at the top of one of the fingers.アゼルバイジャンのいイスラムの人にとしてこ山は巡礼地だ。

If you ask me it doesnt look anything like five fingers but it was a nice climb. From the arid flats covered with scrub, salt, sheep and ground-seep oil at the bottom; to the lower reaches where a new aqueduct is being built and the steep hills become green pasture land for cattle and horses and looks just like the hills over the "Fire Swamp" in The Princess Bride; and finally the uncountable steps(because one gets tired & no-one can agree whether this rock or that ladder should be considered a step) which wind up the crags and through the rocks and past begging xanims finally to one of the peaks where you can get a veiw of all the surrounding countryside and the sea. でも五つ指に見ないと思う、でしょう?

Here you can see the holy-hut at the top.

The beginning of the interminable stairclimb. Everyone had sore legs the next day. この階段がすごい長い。600脚立より登りちゃった!次の日、足は大変苦しいだったよ。

Micah, another First-Finger PCV, enjoying a fit-of-peak on a crumbling wall overlooking the Caspian Sea. 古い城の壁の上{やった!}って

Finally, the holy-hut at the top. Most folk never see it from this angle as it required I do some extra rock climbing/scrambling/falling to get around to the north side. When we arrived at the top there were a number of worshipers and a fellow chanting inside. 山神宮に到着した。

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