July 14, 2009

4th of July - 6月4日の独立祭

Photo Hall of Infamy

"Barley juice"-bong Tim and his enabler.

Aquafina lemon hangover remedy quaffing Elmer with Jake the storyman.

Camera hogging Auquafina lemon and じんべい(summer festival/pajama) wearing Me.

Cory, AZ record holding winner of the "Cory Award" hanging about The Tiki Bar.

Tim and Xirdalan, king of cheap canned AZy beer.

Site-mate Psychedelic Amy

Master of Ceremonies and builder of The Tiki Bar, Jake.

Josh, the crotchety-old lulə kəbabçi(ground sheep-meat-on-a-stick cooker).

And for anyone who was curious; Independence Day = Müstəqliq Günü(day)/Müstəqliq Bayram(holiday).

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