July 24, 2009

Lonely Planet - Dont buy it!

Just don't buy it. It's notoriously inaccurate. No one I've talked to that is living or traveling around the Caucuses thinks its worth its weight in soiled toilet paper.
The only thing good I can think to say about it is:
a) in a pinch you could use the pages as toilet paper
b) it says we have the "best döner in Azerbaijan" here in Quba

(b) Isn't actually true but the lavaş(flour tortilla-like flat bread) döner is bloody tasty at Mahir Lamacun, a place just up the road from the avtovagzal(bus station).

"Now you know, and knowing is half the battle." - said at the end of every episode of G.I. Joe

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Sachin Dalal said...


You're right about Lonely Planet being useless but wrong about the doner. I believe the lavash doner toasted with extra sauce(the 'Sachin' if you will: http://tr.im/vce4) at Mahir's in Quba is the best doner in Azerbaijan(as of 2007 that is). If you want to prove you found better, picture it and have 2 other pcv's try both and confirm....

The thing is that LP just lifted the info from Mark Elliott's Azerbaijan travel guide(http://tr.im/vcfj), who I met when he was traveling through the country to update his guide(he also thought it was the best doner in the country at the time and noted it)

RPCV Azerbaijan 2005-07

PS - Try to fill out the wikitravel site for Quba if you have time, it is still painfully weak...