December 14, 2008

In Quba

Ive arrived with almost all my stuff. Big ole box of stuff still being held for me by the h-family in Tagiyev. Ensures I'll be back to visit soon.
My room is pretty big. Almost as big as my last apartment in Japan but Ive gotta walk downstairs, threw the house and outside to use the toilet. Annoying when you drink as much chai as I do. Ive got a big gas furnace in my room that keeps things plenty warm. Ive got a teapot ontop of the heater boiling away all the time to make tea or coffee or cup-ramen whenever I want.
Discovered that my Japanese Wii wich is designed for 100V AC doesnt like it if you plug it into 220V AC for more than 5mn. Fortunatly I unplugged it before the transformer started to smoke too much..... Its all OK but Ill need to find a step-down converter or a Euro transformer before I try to play with that again.
It snowed the day before I arrived and there are still patches of it left in the shade. Snowing again now and by the looks of it we could have a few inches(7-15cm) by morning.
The new host family is good. There where some communication problems with the h-mom at first but now I realize she just sarcastic and always says "No, no" or "Its bad, no good" with a wee smirk when she actually means the opposite. Good food, warm house, no problems. More on all that later.
Start going into the office to work tomarrow. Told theyll be giving me a computer for my desk. Its been sitting on a shelf because the viruses overran it a year or so ago. So getting that baby fired up will be my first task. Also be a test of my Russian as all the software here is in Russian.....should probly learn the Cyrillic alphabet tonite.
Will post more when I can get my laptop hooked up to the network.
Till then "salam".

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