December 23, 2008

Language Proficiency Interveiw (LPI) - The First

Most of us had the mid-training language test on Fri 24 Oct. but due to
an accident or ilness or something my clusters test was postponed until
the following Monday. The extra time did NOT help. As it was Monday
was also the day I and another trainee had to give a 1hr presentation to
the CED group on "Business Plans". The presentation went well. No probs
there but 10mn after it was finished, just as I was getting interested in
the following presentation I was called in for my LPI.
It is a lot like the level checks I used to do working for the language
school, Nova, back in Japan. Naturally its alot easier to be the testor
than the testee.... The tester was nice enough and tried to put everyone at
ease but it was obvious she was unhappy with the disorganized schedule and
the fact she had to wait on our presentation schedules. We spent 10mn
chatting about languages, teaching methodology & the differences between
English, Azerbaijani, Russian & Japanese. Then the test started.
"What fruit do you like?", "What is your house like?", "What is in your room?"
etc. In the unnatural environment where it doesnt matter what you say
but wether you say alot and show your familiar with all the different
grammatical forms its a bit difficult to think of answers. All of the above
questions have one word to two sentence answers in real-life but for the
test your encouraged to expand ad-nauseum.
I leave it to ya'll to look up what the scores mean but I only got an
Intermediate-Mid. I had been hoping for Intermediate-High. By the end of
training CED & YD trainees are supposed to have Int-Hi. TEFL only need Int-Med.

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