December 23, 2008

These pix took about 30mn to upload. Hope they can be seen.

First is my host-bro/counterpart and I monkeying about.

This is the Pink Lake in Masazir(between Sumgayit and Baku). Its a salt lake that is less than a meter deep at its deepest but stretches a few kilometers across. The only thing that can survive in it is a microbe wich causes the pink hue. Folk collect the salt from the lake by shoveling it into trucks and donkey carts.

Here is a random pic of me taken on Dec 5th, the day of the LPI and Repeal Day in America.

Finally a pic outside the McD's in Baku on our first trip. Charlie and John are rather uncertain if they really do "R heart McDonalds" but the fries were enjoyed by all.

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