September 13, 2008


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Here is the flag:

Here is a map: (click here for a great copyrighted map)

As you can see, Azerbaijan is just north of Iran, just south of Russia, the Caspian Sea on the east is where all the Beluga Caviar comes from and also borders Georgia where we have seen the recent war with Russia over two provinces. It should be noted here that Azerbaijan is a stable country that hasnt experienced any armed conflict since the early '90s when, soon after the dissolution of the USSR, Azerbaijan(AZ) and Armenia experienced a conflict over the south-western regions. See the Wikipedia pages for more info.

Quick Facts:
Official Name Republic of Azerbaijan

Population 8,239,000

Capital City Baku (1,24 million)

Languages Azeri, Russian, others

Official Currency Manat

Religions Muslim 93%, Athiest/Agnostic, Christian, Jew, Zoroastrian, others

Land Area 89,600 sq km (33,436 sq miles)
Note: this includes the Naxcivan Republic, southwest of Armenia.

- Random Fun Facts -
- AZ is about the same size as Maine.
- Has 9 of the world's 11 climactic zones.
- More ethnic/lingustic Azeris live in Iran than in Azerbaijan.
- Prior to the 1900's produced more than half the worlds oil and still produces allot.
- Due to Soviet neglect and exploitation the penninsula upon which the capital, Baku, can be found is considered by many to be 'the most polluted place on earth'.
- Temperatures can range from 40C to -40C depending on the season.

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