September 16, 2008

Mailing address

Until December I'll be staying with a host family while job & language training in one of the larger cities(still don't know which). If ya'll ever want to send me something it should be sent to the main offices in Baku at -

Chris Polen, PCT
AZ 1000
Main PO Box 77
Peace Corps
Baku, Azerbaijan


1. Customs Taxes - Are sometimes assessed on incoming packages so anything sent should be taken out of its package, marked as used on any forms, and the value marked as low. Any customs taxes that are assesed have to be paid by me at the post office before I can get the package.
2. Theft - Rare but it happens. If you send something that can be dismantled or separated, do so. i.e. Separate a pair of shoes into two different boxes and send them on consecutive days.
3. Missing letters/packages - Try to consecutively number anything you send so we can tell if something doesn't arrive.
4. Ideas - It's been suggested by other Volunteers that nicer items be packed in something that an inspector might choose to not open. A tampon box, for example. Or to label a box as containing educational or religious materials and perhaps writing a passage from the Bible or Koran on the outside of the box.
5. Prices/Restrictions -
  • Postcard = $.95
  • Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Envelope = $11.96
  • Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Box = $38.95
  • Priority Mail International Large Flat-Rate Box = $49.95

None of the above is really a big worry. The huge majority of Volunteers never have any problem at all. AZ is reportedly very reliable in comparison to some of the African and South American countries but better safe than I not get my box of Girl Scout Cookies, boxers & Lost Season 4 DVD.

Ya'll will learn my new address just as soon as I do.

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