September 17, 2008



Chris Polen, PCT
AZ 1000
Main PO Box 77
Peace Corps
Baku, Azerbaijan



Ryosuke said...

Nice to hear from you again.

Your Japanese is rather funny xD
no ブローグ but ブログ hehehe^^

I've lost my mobile ;;;
So from now on send e-mail me to PC address.

A few days ago, We had a field(運動会). It was really exiting.Especially,the "mass game" was so nice. Many people came to see it and many of them were moved a lot.

Do you want to see its picture?
If you think so, I'll ask Ms.Matsumura if there are nice picture for sending you.

Have a nice day.

Chris Sensei said...

Yeah, send a picture.

Ryosuke said...

OK I'll send you on e-mail.
Wait some days.

ryosuke said...

Oh I fancy it's nine p.m. there.
Here is now one a.m.

Very sleepy xD

Jessica A. said...


Here's my blog address: