September 13, 2008


Staging is where all the volunteers who will go to AZ this year meet for 2-3 days of training in Philadelphia. We are the 6th group of PC volunteers to go there, hence we are known as AZ6. I think there will be between 30-60 volunteers in this group. 45 I think is close but I could be completely wrong.

Staging Schedule:
20 09 2008
13:00 Registration
15-19:00 Welcome/Training
Welcome & Intro
PC Approach to Development
Personal Definitions of Success
Safety & Support
Anxieties & Aspirations
Nuts & Bolts

21 09 2008
8:30 - 12
Coping w/ Unwanted Attention
Managing Risk
Policies in Practice
Change 5 Things
Crossing Cultures
Staging Capstone
Bridge to PreService Training
Logistics of Departure
Evaluation & Closing

22 09 2008
12:00 Bus from Philly to JFK airport
21:35 Flight to Frankfurt

The flight is supposed to be about 8hrs. A couple hour layover before a 4.5hr flight to Baku.

What happens after that I dunno but in years past they all got on buses and went to spend a couple days in the Olympic Training Stadium.

As the only flight that could get me from MSP to Philly in time took off at 6:00 and Friday flights are expensive I get to fly into Philly a day early and stay in the Sheraton(where staging is) for free. Never been to Philly. It'll be nice to see the Liberty Bell, eat a cheese-steak sandwich, and do/see whatever is good in Philly. Any suggestions?

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Dawn said...

Hi Chris -

I just want to say how proud of you I am. You serve our family well!!!

I can't wait to hear and see more of what you are going to be doing.

Good luck with everything and be safe!